Welcome to my jaded world of work, office and the corporate world. Having spent the past 16 years working in manufacturing for a large company, I worked my way up through the ranks to the "semi-executive" plateau where the grass is not really greener (okay, the money is), but just has a whole bunch of weird shades. Everyone talks differently and eventually you get sucked into the world of Corporate-speak and think. Well, "Work Redefined" is my outlet.I find myself sitting on conference calls or in meetings and can't help but turn terms and phrases into something much more entertaining; entertaining for myself and hopefully for others who have the same reservations and/or disgust for what they hear on a daily basis. It kind of resembles thoughts from Dilbert and The Office, but my own personal twist.Yes, I'm part of the evil, but I keep pushing against it in an effort to not become fully absorbed in it all. I've put some of my thoughts on shirts, hats and things that you can see on Cafe Press under Work Redefined. I'll post some of the tantalizing tidbits on my blog for your pleasure, pain or entertainment.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Corporate Crossword

Well here's another game to play while your attempting to do anything but pay attention to that vital conference call. Corporate Crossword will, I'm sure, give you seconds of exciting entertainment. Now, on the crossword puzzle, toward the bottom is the statement "see tomorrow's shirt for the answers" but, sorry to say, I have made no tomorrow's shirt which (plug, plug) is found on Cafe Press.. So, for the first time ever seen on the web, I will give some answers. Nail biting, isn't it?

Okay, let's work one here. The clue for 1 across is: "What you're told you have when your leader wants something from you OR what you don't have at raise time." Think it through now. It's five letters - first hint. Starts with a "V" and has some vowels in it (the vowel thing was for any executives reading this). Tic-tic-tic - yes you, sitting at the keyboard . . . Did you say value? That's it!

Well this leads to the next obvious one which is 1 down. Since you already have a "V" to start the work (heck, how many words can start with a "V", like six?), this one should be easy. "What you're told your leader has OR what you're expected to have a lack of when viewing your leader." You can see right through him or her, can't you? Okay, start the clock - starts with a "V" (tic -tic). Put on your rose-colored glasses - you got it . . . vision.
Well this is just too easy, but that's the idea. So easy, an executive could do it. So, get a shirt, join in the excitement and show your executive potential.
You will, of course, have to buy a few of them because once you written in the answers, you'll want a fresh one to keep other people on the call engaged.
Need more of the answers? So many blogs and such little time. Sorry, that's all I can reveal at this time. You'll have to tune back in sometime soon and see if I've given more tidbits away.

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bhaskar benjamin said...

Hey Todd:

Saw your blog....stumbled upon....literally....not that STUMBLE !...(some search endine directory !)

I like crosswords...make them.... so...was happy to see your corporate stuff....cool...visit my blog on cluing tips at http://cross-words-for-life.blogspot.com....see ya soon....take care !