Welcome to my jaded world of work, office and the corporate world. Having spent the past 16 years working in manufacturing for a large company, I worked my way up through the ranks to the "semi-executive" plateau where the grass is not really greener (okay, the money is), but just has a whole bunch of weird shades. Everyone talks differently and eventually you get sucked into the world of Corporate-speak and think. Well, "Work Redefined" is my outlet.I find myself sitting on conference calls or in meetings and can't help but turn terms and phrases into something much more entertaining; entertaining for myself and hopefully for others who have the same reservations and/or disgust for what they hear on a daily basis. It kind of resembles thoughts from Dilbert and The Office, but my own personal twist.Yes, I'm part of the evil, but I keep pushing against it in an effort to not become fully absorbed in it all. I've put some of my thoughts on shirts, hats and things that you can see on Cafe Press under Work Redefined. I'll post some of the tantalizing tidbits on my blog for your pleasure, pain or entertainment.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


I think this one is sweet and oh, so true. How often have you heard the term "brainstorm" and had it simply suck the life right out of you. First of all, brainstorming is really a process and rarely is it followed. It is supposed to be a free-flow of ideas, but usually ends up just being a trickle. Can't anyone trust each other? Can't we just say what comes to our minds? WAKE UP! This is the real world and in the real world, we wait until its all over and put into place, the all powerful, specially organized and no-win blamestorm.

When the storm hits, it usually has little to due with the brain and more to do with a survival mechanism that apparently runs much deeper (or lower) than the brain; a couple feet lower as a matter of fact. Closer to the posterior, rump, oh hell, the ass. Yep, as in saving one's own . . .

Never done this? Oh, I see. Too noble eh? Well, I wish I could say the same and sleep at night. The blame-game is the 3rd oldest profession in the world. This is a semi-family blog, so I won't mention the first two. Find this one on stuff you'd love to wear in my store in Cafe Press under Blamestorm. I was wearing this one on a corporate trip to Georgia and got stopped more than once by laughs and comments. Pretty cool.

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