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Sunday, March 16, 2008


I read somewhere that humans were wired to do only one thing at a time with any great degree of precision. So, if you want to do something well, don't try doing multiple things at one time. It is defeating. You know, I really love this one. I can't imagine getting my work done if I took my own advice here, but it really makes sense. Its not very often that I feel I've really done an excellent job on my tasks if I take them on more than one at a time. Anyone want to comment on that one for me? Maybe I'm just a dunce (be nice to me), but I think that multitasking is way, way overrated.

So here's my take on tasking in the plural, double-dipping so to speak. What a wonderful way to attempt to turn one person into five or six. Why would we ever feel overworked, underpaid and at the end of rope? Hey, if we multitask, do we get additional ropes? We can only hope.

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Felix said...

You're an optimist; to think that most humans can even do one thing well at a time is a stretch... So multitasking is a great way to disguise the fact that nearly everybody is simply stumbling along life's path hoping (an unproven method) that they won't be caught in their zipper.